Your Source for Fine Handcrafted Frames

floater11Welcome to Fine Art Frames LLC by Jesse Goslen, Custom wood  frames, Wood floater frames for paintings on stretcher bars and panels.

We provide handcrafted frames that can either arrive to you pre-assembled (joined) or as a kit that you can assemble yourself (chopped).

To order your own custom frame, simply choose a profile, wood type, and finish.

Due to the high level of variability among our styles of custom frames, it is highly likely that we are able to accommodate your requests even if it is not specified on our website. Just ask!

A Note on FAF and environmentalism:

Here at Fine Art Frames, we try to use materials that reflect our concern for the environment. That means we choose as many sustainable and responsible sources for raw materials as possible. We do not use wood from endangered rain forest trees; and we use environmentally friendly finishes such as Agualente (which is GREENGUARD certified).